Marriage Help in Woodbury

Dr. Joel Kuppersmith in Huntington, New York has more than 30 years of experience in private practice. Dr. Kuppersmith offers a comprehensive range of psychotherapy services to patients on Long Island. Contact our office you feel that you need marriage help in Woodbury.

Dr. Kuppersmith’s range of services includes individual, marital & family therapy. He is a highly regarded psychologist who is referred to by physicians and mental health providers. He has presented papers to the American Psychological Association and to the Brookhaven National Laboratories.

Dr. Joel Kuppersmith is a caring and experienced therapist who has been providing psychological services and psychoanalytic therapy to the residents of Huntington, NY.  He is a distinguished adjunct professor of psychology at Adelphi University where he continues to teach about the values of individual and family counseling.

Services Include:

  • Individual/Marital Counseling
  • Treatment of Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Psychological Consultation
  • Short Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


  • American Psychological Association
  • New York State Psychological Association
  • National Register of Health Service Psychologists

Marriage Help in Woodbury

Relationships make us human. We strive on a variety of levels for companionship and intimacy with a life partner. Inevitably, over time, conflicts arise which can intensify and interfere with the stability of the marriage. It is critical to recognize the nature and extent of these issues in order to assess whether they may continue to negatively impact the relationship. When the couple feels the need for professional assistance, couple & marital psychotherapy may be helpful.

Marriage help in Woodbury

The purpose and scope of treatment for the couple is to be determined during an initial consultation. I generally work with the couple on the relational issue which often underlies the presenting problem. This is not meant to minimize the conflict which brings the couple into treatment. I often find the couple will improve their level of relating and communicating with each other with continued couple therapy following the resolution of the presenting conflict.

Trust, in one form or another, is usually a fundamental issue when a couple enters marriage counseling or marital therapy. There may be current behaviors which contribute to these concerns or there may be less obvious relational trust issues which may exist below the surface and are largely unconscious but profoundly affects the level of relational trust. Both levels of mistrust need to be addressed in marriage counseling or couple therapy with a mental health professional.

There are marriages which may require individual psychotherapy for one or both spouses. If there is evidence of substance abuse, addiction, betrayal, or any behavior which could represent a marital rupture, I customarily refer to a colleague as it is, in my professional opinion, too complex a therapeutic task to work effectively with individuals while working with the marriage/couple unit. For couple therapy to be successful, the dyad must be treated as a separate entity. This does not by any means negate the importance of the two individuals. In fact, the exploration and enhanced awareness of the individual through personal psychotherapy will only improve the overall functioning of a fundamentally healthy relationship.

Couple and marital therapy can provide a qualitative positive change in the nature and experience of each person in the marriage. Although discord in the relationship initially brings a couple into therapy, the opportunities exist to improve the overall functioning of the marital unit.

The Signs That You May Need Couples Therapy

Every relationship will go through periods of struggle. However, this does not mean the relationship is doomed to fail, as many couples can work out their issues together. While this may not be the ideal situation, receiving marriage help in Woodbury can be vital to assuage relationship tensions for long-term success. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, an expert in couples counseling, wants to share the below signs that your relationship could benefit from counseling.

Issues Communicating

One of the most common causes that put couples in need of premarital or marriage help in Woodbury is an issue with communication. When one person feels unheard or under-appreciated, this can lead to all facets of the relationship feeling broken. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith can work to re-open the lines of communication in a safe environment, which can help combat other issues as well.

Constant Bickering 

Constant bickering coincides with the previously listed lack of communication. When it seems as if every conversation leads to an argument, couples counseling will help you both end this cycle. You don’t need to wait for the next big blow-up, either. Being able to see when your relationship is stuck in this rut, and seeking out counseling right away can help save the love that is still present.

Other Signs To Look For

Even if you and your loved one have been experiencing issues lately, it does not mean the relationship needs to end. Scheduling an appointment for marriage counseling sooner rather than later can help avoid a tailspin and save the relationship. If any of the below apply to your relationship, couples counseling may be on the horizon:

  • Intimacy issues.
  • An affair has taken place.
  • You or your partner are about to make a huge life change.
  • The same issues continue to arise or be brought up.

Contact Us For Marriage Help in Woodbury

The decision to partake in marriage counseling can be a difficult and somewhat uncomfortable one. However, in terms of your relationship, it can be the most important one you ever make. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith has been serving the Huntington area for over 30 years and is confident he can help you too. Through Marriage Help in Woodbury, he can help you and your partner get back to the feelings of happiness you desperately want to achieve. If you’re ready to take the steps needed to save your relationship, contact us today!  

What Should I Expect During My Marriage Counseling Session?

Admitting you and your spouse both require marriage counseling is a vital and courageous step to take in one’s relationship. While you may feel awkward about airing your dirty laundry out to someone outside of your relationship, this process can be the kick-starter towards starting an open dialogue that will guide you towards a resolution. If you are nervous about going through the best marriage counseling on Long Island, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith would like to shed some light on what you can expect.

Be Ready To Be Uncomfortable:

During your first session of the Marriage Help in Woodbury has to offer, it is completely normal to feel unsure about this process. However, you should not let these feelings of uneasiness stop you from reaping the benefits that counseling can bring for you and everyone involved. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith will be able to work through any unsettled feelings present in the first session so you and your spouse can push through and hopefully start seeing results.

Prepare For Questions:

One of the best ways Dr. Joel Kuppersmith will be able to learn more about your relationship is by asking simple questions. Be ready for the first session to primarily consist of you and your spouse discussing a variety of topics. These questions will help our counselor better understand your relationship, as he may ask about:

  • Specific aspects of your childhood.
  • Where you and your spouse met.
  • When you and your spouse began to experience problems.
  • Goals you both are looking to achieve through the Marriage Help in Woodbury.

Discussing What Brought You Here: 

Along with the questions mentioned above, you will also be asked about the problems that led you to begin a search for counseling. Every couple’s reasoning for counseling will be different, but no reason is outside of the realm of getting to the underlying issue. Common problems experienced by most couples can include:

  • Experiencing intimacy issues.
  • Going through the same fight or disagreement over and over again.
  • Never fighting and ignoring problems that arise. 

Setting Goals:

Setting goals based upon your relationship is something that will also happen during your first session of the Marriage Help in Woodbury. It is important to remember that your relationship is always changing, so the goals in your first appointment can be drastically different than the ones set at a later date. No matter the goals, Dr. Joel Kuppermsith will help you reach them happily and healthily.

Contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith:

For over 30 years, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith has been serving the community through his private practice. He provides the best marriage counseling on Long Island, so you can trust you’ll be in good hands during his sessions. If you and your spouse have decided your relationship has come to the point where marriage counseling is necessary, contact us today for assistance!

Online Marriage Counseling

Under normal circumstances, managing marital issues can prove to be a difficult task. With additional stresses caused by the COVID-19 crisis added in, things can quickly take a turn for the worst. If you’re committed to saving your marriage, but are unsure how to do so, consider reaching out to our team at Dr. Joel Kuppersmith’s office. We’ve recently begun to offer Marriage Help in Woodbury that can save your marriage and get you through these trying times.

Marriage help in Woodbury

When To Seek Marriage Counseling

Before diving into the benefits Marriage Help in Woodbury can bring, you should understand when to seek this out. Waiting too long to work with a mental health professional, like Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, can leave your marriage in an unsalvageable state. If you and your spouse begin to notice any of the below signs, it’s time to pick up the phone and make a call for help:

  • Every conversation you have is negative.
  • There is little to no communication being had.
  • The same fight keeps happening over and over again.
  • You’ve begun to view your partner as an antagonist in your life.
  • Levels of intimacy have quickly diminished.

Marriages In The Pandemic

With levels of uncertainty surrounding the global situation reaching new fever pitches severy day, it undoubtedly can take a toll on your personal relationships. Minor issues may be dialed up to 11 thanks to feelings of stress caused by factors out of your control. Stay at home orders are certainly hurting some marriages as well. Not having normal outlets to blow off steam after arguments and disagreements can cause people to internalize negative feelings that burst out at a later date. When you begin to feel like the pandemic is putting additional strain on your marriage, we can provide you with the sessions of Marriage Help in Woodbury that you need.

The Benefits Of Marriage Help in Woodbury 

Even though we all need to do our part to social distance and help flatten the curve, the need for mental health never stagnates. While in-person appointments may be currently off the table, our team at Dr. Joel Kuppersmith’s office is now proud to announce we are holding telehealth sessions for those in need of counseling. These sessions will be held both over the phone and through video conferencing, depending on your preferences and technological availability. By scheduling your first appointment, you’ll be able to experience the below benefits:

  • Receiving professional marriage counseling while still adhering to social distancing guidelines and limiting your exposure to the contagion.
  • Opening lines of communication that have been closed due to conflict.
  • Learning how to be assertive in a healthy way.
  • Healing old wounds that have been left to fester for years.
  • Deepening your connection to your spouse.   
  • Having issues mediated through a neutral party can help you see fault in your own actions.
  • Being in a comfortable and familiar environment like your home can give you the confidence you need to air out issues with a stranger present.

Stick To Your Sessions

In a world obsessed with instant gratification, it will be easy for you to expect one session of telehealth marriage counseling on Long Island to fix all your problems. Unfortunately, this will almost certainly not be the case. Just like it took time for your relationship issues to reach a boiling point, it will take time to make real progress in healing your marriage. Even if you’re a bit skeptical about airing your grievances to someone virtually, we recommend you stick to it. Telehealth is just as beneficial as in-person visits, and these sessions could be the key to saving your marriage during the pandemic.

Contact Us

Staying connected through difficult times is how the human race thrives. If you’ve recently faced issues connecting with your partner that are threatening your relationship, marriage counseling could be the answer. Contact us here at Dr. Joel Kuppersmith’s office, to schedule your first session of telehealth marriage counseling on Long Island so you can save the relationship you treasure the most.

What are the benefits of marriage counseling?

It is normal for couples to have conflicts and disagreements between them throughout their relationship. The most important thing is to make sure that overcoming these conflicts is done in a healthy, safe manner and that everyone is content in the end. Many couples seldom take advantage of marriage counseling before deciding to get divorced and do not work out their issues. Joel Kuppersmith is an accomplished psychologist who has had experience with marriage counseling and is committed to helping married couples overcome their dilemmas. If you feel as though you and your partner are experiencing any complications like this and are looking for the best marriage counseling on long island, you should schedule an appointment with us today. 

What is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy that allows couples to come together to recognize and overcome any type of disputes that may be experiencing in their marriage. During the marriage counseling session, partners will work with a licensed therapist to help rebuild and strengthen their relationship. The counseling typically involves the husband and wife working with the therapist together, but sometimes could be working with the therapist alone one on one. There are many different misconceptions about marriage counseling and people believe that only unhealthy relationships need therapy to revive the marriage. While this is not true this keeps many couples from trying to consult a therapist. 

Benefits of marriage counseling

Marriage counseling can provide marriages with plenty of benefits to help strengthen their relationship. The benefits can be taken advantage of if marriage counseling is earlier than later in a relationship facing problems. Benefits of marriage counseling could include: 

  • Resolve conflicts in a healthy manner
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with your partner
  • Help you avoid future problems 
  • Communicating in a safe place 
  • Understanding what your partner’s wants and needs
  • Learning to be more assertive and project your problems

How Joel Kuppersmith can help

Joel Kuppersmith is an accomplished therapist who may be able to offer help to resolve any problems that may arise from marriage. He offers the best marriage counseling on long island that is providing his services remotely while many businesses are closed due to the COVID-19 health pandemic. He can provide his insight and experience to couples, to help them identify and overcome the problems or issues that marriage is dealing with. If you feel that you and your spouse are dealing with complications and are looking for the Marriage Help in Woodbury has to offer you should contact Joel Kuppersmith and schedule an appointment.