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Working Through Anxiety 

In life, people will inevitably experience some anxiety. There are many triggers, such as having a big speech in class, presenting a new idea at work, taking an important test, or meeting your significant other’s family. For some people, this anxiety will dissipate but for others, it is prolonged. It is common for these people to feel anxiety before, during, and even after doing things out of their comfort zone. Sometimes, this chronic anxiety can be so severe that it keeps people from doing the things they love. These intrusive thoughts can cause extreme feelings of tensions, worrisome concerns, and even increased blood pressure. When these fears interfere with your everyday activities you know, it is time to seek some help. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, a Huntington NY Psychologist, will be able to walk you through the steps of easing your everyday anxieties!

Common symptoms of anxiety: 

Before seeking the help of a Huntington NY Psychologist, it’s important to be able to recognize some of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Being more aware can help you and your psychologist work towards freeing your mind and body from the negative effects of anxiety. Let’s discuss some of the common symptoms of an anxiety disorder

  • Excessive sweating. Feeling like you are inclosed and hot.
  • Feeling very tense and nervous in a social or non-social setting. 
  • Increased heart rate. Rapid heart rate is another very common symptom. 
  • Trembling can be increased depending on the situation. 
  • Feeling very tired and drained even with the right amount of sleep. 
  • Difficulty controlling the feeling of being very worried. 
  • Decreased amount of rest you are having each night. Feeling very restless during the night. 
  • Breathing very fast and not being able to calm yourself down. 

Types of anxiety:

Now that we’ve gone over some of the symptoms you’re probably experiencing, it’s time to point out the different types of anxiety. The following list includes the five major types of anxiety you may want to visit a Huntington NY Psychologist for:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
    • Characterized by experiencing chronic anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 
    • Characterized by unwanted thoughts, and repetitive behaviors
  • Panic Disorder
    • Characterized by unexpected/repeated episodes of fear, as well as physical symptoms
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Developed post exposure to a frightening event in which bodily harm was threatened or experienced
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
    • Characterized by intense anxiety and self-consciousness in typical social situations.

Huntington NY Psychologist

Seeking help from a Huntington NY Psychologist is the first step that you can make when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. Being able to do the things that you want to do without worrying whether your anxiety will control you is a liberating feeling. Luckily, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, a Huntington NY Psychologist, has over 30 years of psychological services and psychoanalytic therapy services that can help. To learn more about how you can take the next steps towards improving yourself, contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith today!

What are Personality Disorders?

If you or someone you know suffers from a personality disorder and is seeking the help of a Huntington NY Psychologist, NY, contact the office of Joel Kuppersmith today for more information! 

Personality Disorders Defined

Personality disorders are a group of mental illnesses that cause unhealthy thoughts and behavior patterns. The “personality” in the term personality disorder refers to a set of traits, patterns, and social behaviors that characterize a person. Those who struggle with personality disorders have difficulty socializing with others and are unable to adjust to life changes. Each personality disorder is different, but sometimes personality disorders share similar symptoms. Some types of disorders become harder to distinguish as you get older, which is why it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis so that you have proper treatments available to you. If you or a loved one is having trouble because of a personality disorder, contact Dr.Joel Kuppersmith. Dr. Kuppersmith is a certified Huntington NY Psychologist who has more than 25 years of experience. 

Causes of Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are caused by several social and genetic reasons. Certain personality traits can be passed down from generation to generation. There’s no guarantee that genes passed on from a relative can cause personality disorders, it just increases the chances. The environment you grow up in can also cause personality disorders. The events that occurred and the relationships you have can alter your mental health and influence personality disorders. Some important risk factors to be aware of include:

  • Abusive or unstable relationships with family members. 
  • Family history of personality disorders.
  • Traumatic life event or experience.

Symptoms of Personality Disorders 

People who suffer from personality disorders may feel like their negative thoughts and behaviors are normal. They begin to justify and rationalize their experiences and future actions. Some signs may include highly impulsive behavior, mood swings, and inappropriate emotional reactions. Other potential warning signs may include the following:

  • Unstable relationships.
  • Difficulty maintaining a job or school grades.
  • Acting overly sensitive and emotional.

Types of Disorders

Personality disorders are grouped into three different types of groups. These groups categorize disorders based on certain behaviors. Group A identifies people with unusual or odd behavior, Group B with dramatic behavior, and Group C with anxious behavior. Some of these disorders include the following:

  • Schizoid Personality Disorder.
  • Paranoid Personality Disorder.
  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder.
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 
  • Avoidant Personality Disorder.
  • Dependent Personality Disorder.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder.


Living with a personality disorder or knowing someone with a personality disorder can be stressful, but certain treatments can help. The earlier you get treatment, the more you have room for improvement. Mental healthcare professionals can get you feeling better. Since personality disorders are complicated, it’s better to find a professional who has experience in treating this condition.  

Huntington NY Psychologist

People who ignored the symptoms of personality disorders can cause serious life-altering problems and can become worse without treatment. If you or a loved one is showing signs of personality disorder, contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith today. Dr. Kuppersmith is an experienced Huntington NY Psychologist, NY who offers his patients psychoanalytic therapy and other psychological services.

How Does Sleep Affect Your Mental Health?

Often, sleep and mental health are two elements that go hand in hand. Experts suggest that adults should receive over seven hours of sleep each night. Failure to do so can lead to some unpleasant results. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, a Huntington NY Psychologist, is certified in the treatment of sleep disorders. If you wait too long to face your sleep problems, you could put yourself at risk for increased mental health issues.      

Common Sleep Disorders:

Focusing on getting enough sleep should always be an utmost priority. When you fail to do so, there are more issues you can face besides feeling tired the next day. As an experienced Huntington NY Psychologist, Dr. Kuppersmith wants to stress the importance of the relationship between sleep issues and your mental health. If you find yourself dealing with the below disorders, he will work with you to help eliminate them:

  • Insomnia.
  • Sleep Apnea.
  • Restless leg syndrome.
  • Narcolepsy.  

Increased Levels Of Depression:

Those who have dealt with depression can speak to how devastating this condition can be over the long haul. Sleep issues can often play a pivotal role in the development of depression. Studies have shown that 65% to 90% of people diagnosed with major depression also deal with sleep disturbances. As a Huntington NY Psychologist, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith will look to see if a sleep issue has brought on your depression, then work on ways to eliminate this problem.

Anxiety Disorders:

Just like with depression, a lack of sleep can lead to you facing an onslaught of anxiety disorders. Even if you’re already facing an anxiety disorder, sleep problems will only worsen the symptoms of your condition. Typically, it will also decrease the likelihood of recovery. 

Sleep And Stress:

Issues with sleep and stress can end by starting a cycle that is difficult to overcome. If you experience a lack of sleep, you’re more likely to experience increased levels of stress throughout the day.  In turn, if you are unable to find healthy ways to manage your stress levels, falling asleep at night becomes a difficult task, which starts the whole process over again. Breaking the cycle can be difficult to do on your own, but working with an experienced psychologist in Huntington can help. Dr. Kuppersmith will help teach you healthy ways to manage your stress, allowing you to get the sleep you desperately need.
Dr. Joel Kuppersmith has over 30 years of experience as a Huntington NY Psychologist. With a wealth of knowledge at his disposal, you can trust him to help address any sleep problems you’re currently facing. To receive the help you’ve been looking for, and to learn more about how sleep affects your mental health, contact us today!