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Rosalind J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Joel Kuppersmith for several years and have been totally satisfied and helped with his professionalism. He is very kind, compassionate and yet he assists you with whatever your problems may be. He is never judgemental but always helpful to have you think more clearly for yourself.  His professionalism is beyond reproach. I would recommend him to whomever needed assistance with their personal situation.

Carol P

After a few significant life changes, I went to Dr. Kuppersmith feeling stuck, anxious, sad and filled with indecision about how to moveforward. Just making that first phone call shifted my mood. Now, only a few months later, Iâm feeling joy, confidence, motivation, anddeeper clarity. Dr. Kuppersmith listens carefully, then zooms right to the heart of the issue. He mindfully confronts me, asks relevantquestions and leaves me with constructive insights and excellent food for thought. What more could anyone ask for in a therapist?


I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Kuppersmith. He is a true professional who is both compassionate and incredibly effective. I have had other counseling experiences, however, I have never made such significant strides.


Finding Dr. Kuppersmith online was almost too easy. I immediately had an instant connection with his calm demeanor and clear, sound advice and counsel.

Mary K

Dr. Kuppersmith really listens to me and his responses are always compassionate and candid. He has helped me learn how to cope with grief, loneliness, depression, and pain. I feel totally comfortable with Dr. Kuppersmith, and know that I can count on him for the support and guidance I really need.


Wonderful man. Calming, very well informed, listens, recommends, sympathetic - he has made my life so much better. Thank God for him.


When I first began therapy I felt isolated and sad. Under Dr. Kuppersmith’s guidance, I learned what makes Dr. Kuppersmith creates an atmosphere of trust so it is easy to talk about the most difficult topics. I have a greater understanding of myself which has given me more confidence. This enabled me to move forward with a positive and optimistic outlook. I have better relationships with family and friends. Dr. Kuppersmith has been an integral part of my psychological growth.

Fran G

Dr. Joel is located in the Town of Huntington, in a professional setting that is clean and comfortable. I have been a patient of Dr. Joel’s for over 5 years, and look forward to my weekly appointments. Dr. Joel is one of the most caring, smart, and professional psychologist. He is a very good listener, and I can truly trust that the work we are doing is helpful. He is accommodating with the appointments and keeps on schedule for my sessions. I highly recommend him.
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