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Things You Should Consider Before Getting A Divorce

Divorce is a regular aspect of life and growth that has now become commonplace in our society. The countries’ divorce rate is about 2.9 per 1,000 population. Although many people are happier when they get divorced, many also regret the outcome and have to live with their decision for the rest of their lives. Before undergoing the process, it is important to ask questions and make sure that divorce is truly the decision that you and your partner desire. A good way to see if separation is the right choice for you is visiting a Marriage Counselor in Huntington, where a psychotherapist will determine if your issues will continue to influence your relationship. 

Before resorting to divorce, there are a few things you should consider:

1. Emotions 

In some cases, anger and sadness can crowd your judgment and make you say things you do not mean, like suggesting a divorce. Before making this choice, make sure that divorce is really what you want because you do not want to regret anything in the future. Divorce is a long and depressing process so both parties need to be sure they want this result. If you are having issues, book an appointment with a Marriage Counselor in Huntington so that a professional can try to help you resolve your problems.  

2. Would you be happier without your partner? 

Remember to consider both your happiness and the happiness of those around you. Determine whether or not this decision will lead to further happiness for everyone involved. Don’t give up so easily on your marriage. If you still love your partner and want to do what it takes to make it work, consider visiting our Marriage Counselor in Huntington before doing anything drastic.  

3. Think about your kids 

If you and your partner have kids, make sure you are considering them throughout this process. Kids are deeply impacted by their parent’s divorce and it can sometimes cause problems for them in the future. 

4. How will you be after the divorce?

Will you be happy and excited when the divorce is over? Or will you be angry and resentful? Your attitude will consider how your life will be after the divorce. Make sure you have the life you want and do not force a divorce that is going to make you sad and unhappy afterward. 

5. What is your reason for the divorce? 

Do you think that threatening divorce will make your husband/wife treat you better and appreciate you more? A divorce will only make whatever issues you both have worse. Do not divorce for the wrong reasons because it is a long process that affects many people. If you two are having problems, try resolving them first by visiting our Marriage Counselor in Huntington, Joel Kuppersmith.  

Marriage Counselor in Huntington

Joel Kuppersmith Ph.D., an expert Marriage Counselor in Huntington is the right choice for you and your spouse. It is critical to recognize the nature and extent of your relationship’s issues to assess whether they may continue to negatively impact your partnership. When the couple feels the need for professional assistance, couple & marital psychotherapy from Joel Kuppersmith PHD could be the answer. Contact our office for more information about how we can help you and your partner through these difficult circumstances. 

Benefits of Couples Therapy:

Everyone knows that relationships could be a lot of hard work. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and a fair share of problems. It all comes down to the extent of the problems and if you can sit down with your partner and agree to fix them together. It is very hard to take that first step and admitting that both you and your partner need help. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, a Marriage Counselor in Huntington will help to make you as comfortable as possible when you speak to our professional therapist about the problems that you and your partner are experiencing. We work closely with you and listen to your problems, helping to come up with a solution.  We help you work through common relationship problems, allowing you to succeed and continue growing within your relationship.

Couples therapy is not just for romantically involved or married couples. Couples therapy can be administered between friendships, work-related relationships, or parental relationships. Any type of relationship can benefit from a couple’s therapy session. Marriage Counselor in Huntington can figure out what is causing the problems to arise between you and your partner/associate. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith goes above and beyond to provide you with the best services to ensure that your relationship is getting the help it needs. Taking the step to go to couple’s therapy is beneficial in more ways than one.

Benefits include:

Communicating better.

A stronger and deeper connection.

Making your partner feel loved.

Falling in love all over again.

Intimacy (Physical and Emotional).


Looking into the future instead of thinking of the past.

What to expect during a session?

At Joel Kuppersmith’s Office, a psychologist offering Marriage Counseling in Huntington, you will meet with one of Long Island’s most highly qualified therapists. The therapist will sit you and your partner down and have you explain issues within your relationship and setbacks you are both experiencing. The therapist will go over goals that you and your partner have for your relationship and assign “homework” for each of you to do after every session to ensure both you and your partner are putting in the effort. If you are ready to take the first step and save your relationship, schedule an appointment with one of Long Island’s premier marriage counseling therapists today!

Navigating Marriage Throughout your Child’s College Transition

The time has come for your child to leave the nest and head off to college. It’s not only a huge transitional point in their life but for their parent’s lives as well. Having a child go off to college, especially when it’s far from home, can leave parents feeling worried, anxious, and stressed about their well-being. It’s not uncommon to run into some marital problems when dealing with such a hard transition. If you have been facing this same issue in your own family and are in need of a Marriage Counselor in Huntington , contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith. For over 30 years, Dr. Kuppersmith has been providing a wide range of psychological services, including marital guidance for those going through the college transition. Continue reading to learn more about how seeking a psychologist can help you navigate your marriage throughout this process. 

Empty Nest Syndrome

After years of having your entire world revolve around your children’s lives, parents can run into the problem of “Empty Nest Syndrome”. It tends to occur once that dreaded move-out day finally comes. You may begin to feel the following emotions once your child leaves for school: 

  • A loss of purpose 
  • Frustration 
  • Emotional Distress
  • Anxiety 

Dealing with your child being gone not only affects you as an individual but can take a toll on your relationship with your partner as well. Redefining your roles in the household and having more free time for one another may sound like a couple’s dream. Well for some couples, it can be quite the opposite. This vacancy in the house can cause issues to arise and tensions to heighten, leaving you feeling alone in your own marriage. If this is the case, it may be time to seek out the help of a Marriage Counselor in Huntington.

How to Cope 

Luckily, there are methods to help keep your marriage afloat and even potentially come out stronger than it was before. A Marriage Counselor in Huntington may inform you that it’s common for parents who have recently sent a child off to college to face some sort of depression. By recognizing that this is a normal part of life, it can help you and your partner understand what you are going through. Being compassionate for one another during this time is a great way to show that you are there for your partner, even through the hard times. By reconnecting and making time for each other, you can reinvigorate the sparks in your marriage. 

How can a Marriage Counselor in Huntington help?

Though it may be a normal phase of life, these issues should not linger on with your partner. Empty nest syndrome does not have to be the final answer to anyone’s marriage. If you find that you are still having difficulty navigating your marriage even after your child has acclimated to school, consider seeking a psychologist for marital assistance. If you have been searching for a Marriage Counselor in Huntington, schedule an appointment with Dr. Joel Kuppersmith. Through his wide range of services, he can help provide your marriage with the right tools and guidance it needs to get you back on track. So don’t wait, call our office today to schedule an appointment!