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Relationships are beautiful, yet they can also be massively challenging. Marriage is perhaps the most complex, wonderful, and difficult to navigate relationship out there. Infidelity within marriage is one issue which can be life-changing, evoking emotions and sentiments that you may be unfamiliar with. Speaking with a professional can be incredibly useful in these situations to gain perspective, clarity, and skills to better navigate the ups and downs of your relationship with your spouse. If you are looking for professional marriage counseling in Huntington, NY contact Joel Kuppersmith PhD today.

New emotions:

The aftermath of an affair can trigger unexpected emotions in both spouses. The obvious emotions range from anger to sadness to everything in between. However, one or both spouses may also find themselves experiencing:

  • Shame: That you have made a mistake, that something very important has gone wrong.
  • Possessiveness: Especially if you decide to separate, it is common to desire closeness with your spouse regardless of what they may have done.
  • Relief: Many people may feel relief upon finding out that their partner has been unfaithful if they sensed that something was off for a period of time and were unable to determine the cause.
  • Emptiness: A lack of emotion or emptiness often kicks in after an emotional trauma or shock, and will typically end on its own as time passes.

How to deal with these emotions:

Coping with new, strong emotions after infidelity in marriage can be a huge challenge. Seeking marriage counseling in Huntington, NY is an outstanding option for coping with these emotions and communicating with your spouse more effectively. Some tips for dealing with the emotional repercussions of marital infidelity include:

    • Don’t fight your feelings; allow yourself to openly feel whatever emotions that come your way.
    • Communicate your emotions in some way: write in a journal, speak to a friend, or consider professional help.
  • Make time to speak to your spouse one-on-one.

How we can help:

If you’re looking for marriage counseling in Huntington, NY look no further than Dr. Joel Kuppersmith PhD. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith is an experienced clinical psychologist located conveniently on Main Street in Huntington, NY With 30-plus years of experience, Dr. Kuppersmith specializes in marriage counseling and will work with you and your spouse to work through any issues in the best way possible. Call today to schedule an appointment!

What is psychoanalysis?

marriage counseling in Huntington, NY

Psychoanalysis is the process by which a professional will carefully examine your past, including childhood experiences, in order to see how they may have shaped your adult personality, relationships, experiences, and more. Psychoanalysis can be an incredibly useful tool in coping with an extensive array of emotional issues ranging from dealing with divorce, the death of a loved one, abuse, anxiety, depression, and potentially others. It is an excellent means of both understanding the underlying causes of many issues and events and enabling you to believe in the real possibility of change and progress. If you think that psychoanalysis may be right for you, contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith PhD, an outstanding practitioner of marriage counseling in Huntington, NY psychologist today!

What are some of the benefits of psychoanalysis?

    • Patients are encouraged to discuss and dwell on topics that are important to them. There is no imposing medical agenda and the patient has the freedom to direct conversation and thus plays a larger role in his or her own treatment narrative.
    • Treatment persists at the patient’s own preferred pace. It is different for each and every patient, and the patient has the ability to determine how frequent their sessions are.
  • The therapist most often acts as an ally to their patient, keeping their best interests in mind while allowing the patient to explore matters that are important to them.

If psychoanalysis sounds like something that may benefit you, schedule an appointment with marriage counseling in Huntington, NY psychologist Dr. Joel Kuppersmith today!

How can Dr. Joel Kuppersmith help?

Dr. Joel Kuppersmith is an experienced and professional marriage counseling in Huntington, NY psychologist who is skilled and practiced in psychoanalysis therapy. His expertise and caring persona help to create a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment for patients. Dr. Kuppersmith prides himself in the personalized care that he has extended to numerous patients throughout his tenure. Whether you have recently undergone a divorce, lost a loved one, suffer from anxiety or depression, experienced childhood trauma, or simply want to gain perspective and clarity on your own life, consider making an appointment with Dr. Kuppersmith. If you are interested in reaping the benefits of psychoanalysis therapy, reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.

Are you finding yourself stressed out way more than you’d like to be? What if we told you there were plenty of simple ways to decrease your stress levels and help you live a more peaceful and organized lifestyle? Well, our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY psychologist, Joel Kuppersmith Ph.D. can help you accomplish just that.

Everyday Lifestyle Changes:

marriage counseling in Huntington, NY

With these five lifestyle changes, you may find yourself way less stressed than your current state:

  • Eat Well – As random as this may sound, having a healthier diet actually does wonders for your stress levels. Start out by limiting your caffeine and alcohol intake, as they can spike your stress levels.
  • ExerciseExercising improves your mood by releasing endorphins into your body. Exercise also allows you to take your mind off your worries and concentrate on something other than what’s causing you to be stressed. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, going on a 30 minute walk can be enough to help reduce your stress.
  • Sleep – Most of us believe that we don’t get enough sleep. Some people claim 6 hours or so is all they need, but try to get 7-8 hours of rest each night. With everything else going on in your life, being sleep deprived does not need to be another factor attributing to your stress.
  • Breathe – This is a simple yet extremely effective way to relieve stress. When we are stressed, our breath sometimes grows shortened. Try to sit back and breathe in through your nose for 3 seconds and out through mouth for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise about 5 times or until you are feeling less stressed.
  • Avoid Caffeine- Since it is a stimulant, caffeine will actually increase your stress rather than reduce it. Try to swap your caffeinated drinks for water or herbal tea to reduce your stress.     

It is important to remember that being stressed at times is only human and sometimes can be hard to control. However, by following these five simple lifestyle changes, they can help reduce your stress and learn how to manage stressful situations better.

If you believe you need more help managing your stress, our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY psychologist can provide you with even more tips to deal with your stress. Additionally, Joel Kuppersmith Ph.D. can help target your stressors and aid your personal situation so that your solution is more effective. Contact us today to get in touch with Joe Kuppersmith Ph.D. to see how he can help you live a more stress free life!

What is PTSD?

marriage counseling in Huntington, NY

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is generally defined as a disorder originating from experiencing a dangerous or shocking event. Sometimes immediately and sometimes months later, a person will still experience trauma from the experience. What is most important to note is that Joel Kuppersmith Ph.D., our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY can help manage and potentially put an end to your PTSD.

What Are The Symptoms?

If you believe you or a loved one may be experiencing PTSD, some symptoms may include:

  • Re-Experiencing Symptoms (at least 1)
    • Flashbacks – This includes having flashbacks to the event that may include symptoms such as sweating or a racing heart.
    • Bad dreams – You may experience nightmares that repeat back to the event.
    • Frightening thoughts – Constantly or occasionally thinking back about the details of your trauma.
  • Avoidance Symptoms (at least 1)
    • Avoiding places that may remind you or take you back to the event.
    • Avoiding feelings that may trigger you and take you back to the traumatic event(s).
  • Arousal Symptoms (at least 2)
    • Getting scared easily.
    • Constantly feeling on edge.
    • Having a hard time sleeping at night.
    • Experiencing angry outbursts.
  • Cognition and Mood Symptoms (at least 2)
    • Trouble recalling key factors of the event.
    • Negative thoughts about the world.
    • Feelings of guilt.
    • Loss of interest in fun events.

In order to be diagnosed, you must experience these symptoms for at least one month.


After a full evaluation, our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY will decide what he thinks the best treatment plan is for you. Psychotherapy, also known as “talk” therapy, is usually a good treatment option for those who are suffering from PTSD. This form of treatment can help you rationalize what happened and help you have closure with the event. If you or a loved one are experiencing PTSD, do not hesitate to contact our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY today!

It is incredibly difficult to grow up in a household with an alcoholic parent. As a child, seeing your parent struggle is both heartbreaking and frightening. Unfortunately, these feelings may carry into your adult life and have long-term effects on your well-being. If you are the child of a parent who is or was an alcoholic and are experiencing any sort of psychological distress in your adult life, please seek help from our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY today.

Chaos and Inconsistency

marriage counseling in Huntington, NY

As a child, having stability and structure is so important for healthy development. Children of alcoholics are often the most vulnerable to their parent’s poor habits. Instead of having a parent they can look up to for guidance, children of alcoholics must get used to their parent being unpredictable, unreliable, or selfish. An unstable home environment due to a parents poor behavior inevitably sets up a child for traumatic distress later in life.

There are plenty of effects that being a child of an alcoholic may have, but some common ones are:

  • Isolation and fear of authority figures
  • A constant seeking for approval
  • Being an alcoholic yourself/marrying one
  • Living from the perspective of a victim
  • An overdeveloped sense of responsibility

How We Can Help

If you are suffering from the effects of growing up with a parent with substance abuse issues, we can help. Symptoms usually include depression, guilt, anxiety, insecurity and conflicted relationships. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY offers a comprehensive range of psychotherapy services for his patients. His services specifically include treatment of adult children of alcoholics, therefore, he is well experienced in this field.

With psychoanalytic therapy, you are given the opportunity to be a part of a helpful intervention. Depending on your situation, Dr. Kuppersmith will be able to provide you with a psychoanalysis, a psychological consultation, or psychotherapy. The goal of each of these treatment options is to teach you how to regulate your emotions as well as help you understand why you may behaving and feeling the way you do. Stop letting your past affect your future and contact our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY today!

There is no denying that marriage can be extremely complicated. Marital conflict can result due to a series of events that have been poorly handled. Marital issues can fester to the point that stubbornness, pride, anger, and bitterness prevent effective communication and problem solving. If you believe you need help and guidance with your conflict-filled marriage, our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY may be the right fit for you.

Common reasons conflict will arise in marriage:

  • Money: who has the control over the money?
  • Kids: disagreeing on how strict you should discipline your kids?
  • Sex: are you finding issues regarding intimacy?
  • Work: are you or your spouse working too much?
  • In-laws: are you not getting along with your in-laws?
  • Time Commitments: are you making time for one another?
  • Ex-Boyfriends or Girlfriends: does it make you uncomfortable that your spouse is still connected with his/her ex on social media?
  • Misunderstanding: have you interpreted something the wrong way or been misunderstood?
  • Unrealistic Expectations: are your current expectations too high?
  • Stern Talk: has your spouse used sarcastic jabs, in public or private, that made you and your friends uncomfortable?

The Good News:

With the help of our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY chances are your marriage can be saved! Having marriage issues is more common than you think. Whether you identify with one or all of the reasons stated above, your marriage is not doomed. The following are several ways to strengthen a marriage before it is too late for you and your spouse:

    • Respect your partner: make a list of the most endearing qualities that you admire about your partner.
    • Communication is key: it is important for you to share important things with your partner.
    • Share financial expectations and budgets: try to agree on a budget and strive to live within those limits.
    • Give your partner the right amount of space: allow your partner to have time for themselves and their own friends, while still saving special time for you two to spend together.
    • Take care of yourself: it is important to invest time in yourself as well as your partner.

How We Can Help:

Our marriage counseling in Huntington, NY Joel Kuppersmith Ph.D., specializes in marriage counseling and is here to help. He has been serving Huntington for over 30 years, and through his experience, he has helped multiple couples with marital conflict. Contact us today to get the help you and your spouse deserve!

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