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When you need help, reach out to Dr. Joel Kuppersmith in Huntington, New York. For more than 3 decades, he has been treating individuals and couples.


Psychotherapy involves the treatment of psychological conflict within an individual and in relationships. The goal of counseling is to develop the capacity to regulate emotions through the examination and reframing of feelings and mood states. Dr. Kuppersmith also specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from physical or emotional injury or abuse.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Psychotherapy Near Woodbury

Dr. Kuppersmith has extensive experience in working with ACOAs. Individuals suffer the lingering effects of growing up in an alcohol/substance abusing family. Symptoms include depression, guilt, anxiety, insecurity and conflicted relationships.


Psychoanalysis is the intensive examination of how childhood experiences affect personality development and adult relationships. We examine conscious and unconscious mental states and the manner in which they influence behavior.

Psychological Consultation

Dr. Kuppersmith is available to provide consultative services to a variety of groups with the goal of improving either work or familial relationships.

Sleep Disorders

Dr. Kuppersmith is experienced in treating sleeping disorders. Not many people realize that the amount of sleep you get regularly has a direct effect on your mental health. Sleep deprivation may contribute to increased anxiety and depression. Also, feelings of anxiety and depression can directly affect our sleep patterns creating a vicious cycle. Dr. Kuppersmith can evaluate and help you treat your sleep disorder.

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