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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a medical subspecialty that can be defined as, talk therapy to those who are dealing with mental and emotional difficulties. It can involve therapy sessions, either group or individual, and can last as short as a few sessions up to years depending on the individual’s history and emotional issues. Finding the right provider for you is an essential factor for those hoping to gain the most benefits. If you are looking for acoa counselors near me Dr. Joel Kuppersmith has been helping his patients for over 30 years using a variety of methods including psychotherapy.

How Does Psychotherapy Help?

Psychotherapy is an efficient way to help those dealing with a wide variety of issues; such as marital problems or addiction. In regards to marital issues, a psychotherapist will work with the couple to help them push through the difficulties they are having in their marriage by using talk therapy as well as other techniques to help solve these issues. Psychotherapy is a way to gain further insight into the cause of a marital problem with the goal of fostering a safe and neutral environment to overcome it with our acoa counselors near me.

acoa counselors near me

Another situation that psychotherapy can help with is those who grew up in an alcohol and substance abuse environment. The effects of a child growing up in this situation can have long-lasting effects all the way into adulthood. Some of the symptoms can be guilt or depression. Meeting with a licensed psychotherapist, like Dr. Joel Kuppersmith acoa counselors near me, who offers, is a reliable method for coping with the effects and symptoms of growing up in this type of environment.   

Psychotherapy is an excellent treatment for helping those who are dealing with emotional and mental difficulties. If you believe psychotherapy is right for you or to learn more, contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, acoa counselors near me!

Dealing With Emotions

Relationships are beautiful, yet they can also be massively challenging. Marriage is perhaps the most complex, wonderful, and difficult-to-navigate relationship out there. Infidelity within marriage is one issue that can be life-changing, evoking emotions and sentiments that you may be unfamiliar with. Speaking with a professional can be incredibly useful in these situations to gain perspective, clarity, and skills to better navigate the ups and downs of your relationship with your spouse. If you are looking for professional acoa counselors near me contact Joel Kuppersmith PhD today!

New Emotions:

The aftermath of an affair can trigger unexpected emotions in both spouses. The obvious emotions range from anger to sadness to everything in between. However, one or both spouses may also find themselves experiencing:

  • Shame: That you have made a mistake, that something very important has gone wrong.
  • Possessiveness: Especially if you decide to separate, it is common to desire closeness with your spouse regardless of what they may have done.
  • Relief: Many people may feel relief upon finding out that their partner has been unfaithful if they sensed that something was off for a period of time and were unable to determine the cause.
  • Emptiness: A lack of emotion or emptiness often kicks in after an emotional trauma or shock, and will typically end on its own as time passes.

How To Deal With These Emotions:

Coping with new, strong emotions after infidelity in marriage can be a huge challenge. Seeking acoa counselors near me is an outstanding option for coping with these emotions and communicating with your spouse more effectively. Some tips for dealing with the emotional repercussions of marital infidelity include:

  • Don’t fight your feelings; allow yourself to openly feel whatever emotions that come your way.
  • Communicate your emotions in some way: write in a journal, speak to a friend, or consider professional help.
  • Make time to speak to your spouse one-on-one.

How We Can Help:

If you’re looking for acoa counselors near me, look no further than Dr. Joel Kuppersmith is an experienced clinical psychologist located conveniently on Main Street in Huntington, N.Y. With 30-plus years of experience, Dr. Kuppersmith specializes in marriage counseling and will work with you and your spouse to work through any issues in the best way possible. Call today to schedule an appointment

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Can Psychotherapy Help Adult Children of Alcoholics?

Growing up in an alcoholic household is often volatile and unpredictable. Nearly one in five adults in the United States lived in an alcoholic family growing up. Many adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) do not recognize how problems at home left them with emotional scars. It’s crucial for ACOA to realize that they are not alone. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith provides acoa counselors near me to help ACOAs face their past and heal from these issues. 

Common Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics

Alcohol abuse not only affects the person drinking, but it also affects all of those around them. Many children of alcoholics carry significant emotional damage from their childhood into their adulthood, which can, in turn, affect how they handle stress, conflict and impact their relationships. Some traits that several ACoAs share can include:

acoa counselors near me
  • Lack of a caring, responsive, or supportive parent. 
  • A constant need for approval. 
  • Lack of a sense of identity. 
  • The need to control their environment, self, and relationships. 
  • Compulsivity
  • Intimacy and trust issues. 
  • Inability to relax. 
  • Fear of abandonment. 
  • Low self-esteem. 

Psychotherapy for ACOA‘S

The impact of growing up in an alcoholic household is considerable. Life in such environments is often characterized by a lack of trust, dysfunction, and emotional deprivation. Individual psychotherapy or acoa counselors near me can be helpful to adult children of alcoholic adults by helping them establish trust, develop a higher sense of self-worth, and learn more about their own needs. 

Therapy can also help them form more intimate, longer-lasting relationships. Every family is different, so Dr. Kuppersmith will help outline a personalized and effective treatment to guide patients on a path to healing. Some of the crucial elements of effective treatment can include:

  • Learning the nature of addiction. 
  • Developing a stronger support system. 
  • Examining how an individual adapts to specific environments. 
  • Bolstering the individual’s self-esteem. 

Contact Dr. Kuppersmith – ACOA Counselors Near Me

Many ACoAs wish to forget the past or assume that they can let it go forever. The healing process from childhood trauma can be challenging to face but is worth the effort. While it may not be possible to change the past or those we love, healing is achievable with the proper guidance. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith specializes in acoa counselors near me and will work with you and support you on your journey. To learn more about treatment for ACoAs, contact our office today!

Adult Children of Alcoholics: Breaking the Cycle

It is incredibly difficult to grow up in a household with an alcoholic parent. As a child, seeing your parent struggle is both heartbreaking and frightening. Unfortunately, these feelings may carry into your adult life and have long-term effects on your well-being. If you are the child of a parent who is or was an alcoholic and are experiencing any sort of psychological distress in your adult life, please seek help from our acoa counselors near me today.

Chaos and Inconsistency

As a child, having stability and structure is so important for healthy development. Children of alcoholics are often the most vulnerable to their parent’s poor habits. Instead of having a parent they can look up to for guidance, children of alcoholics must get used to their parents being unpredictable, unreliable, or selfish. An unstable home environment due to a parent’s poor behavior inevitably sets up a child for traumatic distress later in life.

There are plenty of effects that being a child of an alcoholic may have, but some common ones are:

  • A constant seeking for approval
  • Isolation and fear of authority figures
  • Being an alcoholic yourself/marrying one
  • Living from the perspective of a victim
  • An overdeveloped sense of responsibility

How We Can Help

If you are suffering from the effects of growing up with a parent with substance abuse issues, we can help. Symptoms usually include depression, guilt, anxiety, insecurity, and conflicted relationships. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, our acoa counselors near me, offers a comprehensive range of psychotherapy services for his patients. His services specifically include treatment of adult children of alcoholics, therefore, he is well experienced in this field.

Contact ACOA Counselors Near Me

With psychoanalytic therapy, you are given the opportunity to be a part of a helpful intervention. Depending on your situation, Dr. Kuppersmith will be able to provide you with psychoanalysis, a psychological consultation, or psychotherapy. The goal of each of these treatment options is to teach you how to regulate your emotions as well as help you understand why you may be having and feeling the way you do. Stop letting your past affect your future and contact our acoa counselors near me today!

Adult Children of Alcoholics: The Most Common Emotional Ramifications

Alcoholism is a family setting has a lasting influence on children. Since these effects may not be realized until later in life, it can be difficult for many adult children to cope with their emotions. Working with acoa counselors near me like Dr. Joel Kuppersmith can help you to manage the lasting impacts that an alcoholic parent may have left.

Common Emotional Struggles

If you are an adult who was surrounded by one or more alcoholic family members, it is likely that it has had a profound impact on your life.  The way you managed to cope with the relationship patterns or feelings towards your alcoholic parent can affect your interactions today; whether it be your work, parenting, or romantic relationships. ACOA counselors near me like Dr. Joel Kuppersmith has worked closely with patients who deal with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anger, relationship issues, and stress resulting from having alcoholic parents as a child.

The effects of growing up with alcoholism vary depending on the circumstances. Some individuals may be able to harness their pain into positive actions such as limiting or eliminating the casual use of addictive substances and giving back to the community while others may cope by turning to the addictive substances themselves. Whether the ramifications are apparent or not, individuals in both groups may still need to cope with painful emotions.

Some Common Emotional Struggles Include:

  • Difficulty trusting others and being closed off. Because the parent has likely let down the child due to prioritization of the addictive substance, it is common for an adult child to close themselves off as a form of self-protection.
  • Anxiety. Adult children of alcoholic parents may have high levels of anxiety due to the unpredictable nature of living with an alcoholic for prolonged periods of time. Because of this, being on edge or tense in situations that do not call for those emotions may be common.
  • Feeling of shame and loneliness. The feeling of not being wanted and unworthy of love may be the result of growing up with alcoholic parents. Scenarios may have arisen where a child was embarrassed by the parent’s behavior with few outlets to discuss these feelings. The isolation stemming from this can lead to difficulty expressing emotions and the achievement of self-love.

How ACOA Counselors Near Me Can Help

If you identify with some of these emotional struggles, you may have developed these traits and coping strategies due to your childhood circumstances. Realizing that you are not alone and expressing these struggles can promote the healing process.  Dr. Joel Kuppersmith offers treatment of adult children of alcoholics which will provide you with a support system to give you the courage necessary and the strength to reduce the fear and shame you may be carrying. For more information about our treatment for adult children of alcoholics contact us today!

Working Through Anxiety

In life, people will inevitably experience some anxiety. There are many triggers, such as having a big speech in class, presenting a new idea at work, taking an important test, or meeting your significant other’s family. For some people, this anxiety will dissipate but for others, it is prolonged. It is common for these people to feel anxiety before, during, and even after doing things out of their comfort zone. Sometimes, this chronic anxiety can be so severe that it keeps people from doing the things they love. These intrusive thoughts can cause extreme feelings of tension, worrisome concerns, and even increased blood pressure. When these fears interfere with your everyday activities you know, it is time to seek some help. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, acoa counselors near me will be able to walk you through the steps of easing your everyday anxieties!

acoa counselors near me

Common Symptoms of Anxiety: 

Before seeking the help of acoa counselors near me it’s important to be able to recognize some of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Being more aware can help you and your psychologist work towards freeing your mind and body from the negative effects of anxiety. Let’s discuss some of the common symptoms of an anxiety disorder

  • Excessive sweating. Feeling like you are inclosed and hot.
  • Feeling very tense and nervous in a social or non-social setting. 
  • Increased heart rate. Rapid heart rate is another very common symptom. 
  • Trembling can be increased depending on the situation. 
  • Feeling very tired and drained even with the right amount of sleep. 
  • Difficulty controlling the feeling of being very worried. 
  • Decreased amount of rest you are having each night. Feeling very restless during the night. 
  • Breathing very fast and not being able to calm yourself down. 

Types of Anxiety:

Now that we’ve gone over some of the symptoms you’re probably experiencing, it’s time to point out the different types of anxiety. The following list includes the five major types of anxiety you may want to visit a psychologist in Huntington for:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
    • Characterized by experiencing chronic anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 
    • Characterized by unwanted thoughts, and repetitive behaviors
  • Panic Disorder
    • Characterized by unexpected/repeated episodes of fear, as well as physical symptoms
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Developed post exposure to a frightening event in which bodily harm was threatened or experienced
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
    • Characterized by intense anxiety and self-consciousness in typical social situations.

Seeking help from a psychologist in Huntington is the first step that you can make when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. Being able to do the things that you want to do without worrying whether your anxiety will control you is a liberating feeling. Luckily, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, acoa counselors near me has over 30 years of psychological services and psychoanalytic therapy services that can help. To learn more about how you can take the next steps towards improving yourself, contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith today!

Therapist Near Me For Depression

Major depressive disorder, commonly referred to as depression, is highly personal and often misunderstood. The causes of depression are complex and can include a combination of trauma, stress, difficult life circumstances, biology, and other health conditions. Left untreated, it can have profoundly negative effects on one’s physical and mental health. These effects may include feelings such as intense levels of despair and anguish that it impairs one’s ability to perform daily functions. If you feel you are suffering from depression, it’s crucially important to receive professional treatment. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, acoa counselors near me has over 30 years of experience treating patients with depression and has used efficient treatment methods for addressing depression and other mental health disorders.

Common Symptoms of Depression:

It’s important to recognize the symptoms of depression in order to assess if professional treatment is right for you. Although depression can present numerous symptoms in all people, common symptoms typically include some of the following: 

  • Changes in sleep.
  • Changes in diet or appetite.
  • Trouble concentrating.
  • Loss of energy or fatigue.
  • Loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities.
  • Feelings of hopelessness or guilt.
  • Increased agitation and restlessness. 
  • Unexplained physical aches and pains.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Customarily, it can often be difficult to discern what is and is not a symptom of depression. However, if symptoms are consistently present and you feel that they are disrupting your physical and emotional health, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, acoa counselors near me. He can assess your specific situation and decide if professional help is the right move for you moving forward.


Although depression is experienced differently by each individual, there are effective methods of treatment that can help your situation. One of the most significant is meeting consistently with a psychologist or therapist, also known as psychotherapy. Building a trusting relationship with your mental health professional allows for a more transparent and honest dialogue about one’s feelings and emotions. A strong relationship also creates a safe environment where the patient feels more comfortable being vulnerable. This type of approach is proven to help address the root causes of depression and helps the patient feel physically and mentally healthier.

Psychotherapy Treatment on Long Island

Dr. Joel Kuppersmith can create a treatment plan based on your specific needs. His approach has helped countless patients treat their depression. To learn more about specific treatments and how he could help you, contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, acoa counselors near me today for assistance.

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