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Thank you for voting for Dr. Joel Kuppersmith! We’re proud to announce that Dr. Kuppersmith has won the 2020 Best Couples Therapist on Long Island award. Dr. Kuppersmith is considered by many to be the Best Marriage Counselor on Long Island!

Conflict often arises in a marriage and sometimes, a couple may need help from a third party to sort out their differences. Marriage counselors are there to facilitate communication between the couple and ultimately improve relationships. Don’t file for divorce just yet! Instead, seek out the Best Couples Therapist on Long Island.

Whenever conflict arises in a marriage, the cause is most often a lack of communication. Marriage counselors are here to facilitate talks between the couple and help keep the marriage afloat. For over 30 years, Joel Kuppersmith PHD has focused on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to treat married couples. He is considered one of the best couples therapist on Long Island. The goal of counseling is to develop the capacity to regulate emotions through the examination and reframing of feelings and mood states. Dr. Kuppersmith also specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from physical or emotional injury or abuse.

Who is Dr. Joel Kuppersmith?

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Dr. Joel Kuppersmith is a licensed psychologist who has been in private practice for the past 30 years. His office is conveniently located at 177 Main Street in Huntington. As the most recent winner of the Bethpage Best of Long Island award, many of his patients consider Dr. Kuppersmith to be the best couples therapist on Long Island.


He is also a psychoanalyst, having received his post-doctoral certificate in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis at the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Adelphi University. He earned his doctoral degree in Psychology at the University of Mississippi, which was followed by a post-doctoral internship offered jointly by Downstate Medical Center and South Beach Psychiatric in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Early Career

Following the completion of his academic and licensing credentials, Dr. Kuppersmith began an 11-year career working for the New York State Department of Mental Health at Kings Park Psychiatric Center. As a staff psychologist, he worked in both inpatient and outpatient services. He worked closely with psychiatrists in coordinating psychological treatment and formulating individual treatment plans.

Teaching Experience

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Dr. Kuppersmith served as chairperson of the ethics committee for the Psychology Department at Kings Park Psychiatric Center. He is currently an adjunct professor of Psychology in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Adelphi University. He was also an adjunct professor at Hofstra University.

Private Practice

For the past 30 years, Dr. Kuppersmith has treated a variety of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, adult children of alcoholics, insomnia, and marital/couple and family conflict. Recent developments in the theory and treatment applications in these areas have shown clinically improved outcomes.

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    What are The Benefits of Marriage Counseling With The Best Couples Therapist on Long Island?

    It is normal for couples to have conflicts and disagreements between them throughout their relationship. The most important thing is to make sure that overcoming these conflicts is done in a healthy, safe manner and that everyone is content in the end. Many couples seldom take advantage of marriage counseling before deciding to get divorced and do not work out their issues. Joel Kuppersmith is an accomplished psychologist who has had experience with marriage counseling and is committed to helping married couples overcome their dilemmas. If you feel as though you and your partner are experiencing any complications like this and are looking for the best couples therapist Long Island, you should schedule an appointment with us today. 

    What is marriage counseling?

    Best Couples Therapist Long Island

    Marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy that allows couples to come together to recognize and overcome any type of disputes that may be experiencing in their marriage. During the marriage counseling session, partners will work with a licensed therapist to help rebuild and strengthen their relationship. The counseling typically involves the husband and wife working with the therapist together, but sometimes could be working with the therapist alone one on one. There are many different misconceptions about marriage counseling and people believe that only unhealthy relationships need therapy to revive the marriage. While this is not true this keeps many couples from trying to consult a therapist. 

    Benefits of marriage counseling

    Marriage counseling can provide marriages with plenty of benefits to help strengthen their relationship. The benefits can be taken advantage of if marriage counseling is earlier than later in a relationship facing problems. Benefits of marriage counseling could include: 

    • Resolve conflicts in a healthy manner
    • Learning how to effectively communicate with your partner
    • Help you avoid future problems 
    • Communicating in a safe place 
    • Understanding what your partner’s wants and needs
    • Learning to be more assertive and project your problems

    How Joel Kuppersmith, the Best Couples Therapist on Long Island, can help

    Joel Kuppersmith is an accomplished therapist who may be able to offer help to resolve any problems that may arise from marriage. He offers the best couples therapist Long Island that is providing his services remotely while many businesses are closed due to the COVID-19 health pandemic. He can provide his insight and experience to couples, to help them identify and overcome the problems or issues that marriage is dealing with. If you feel that you and your spouse are dealing with complications and are looking for the best couples therapist Long Island has to offer you should contact Joel Kuppersmith and schedule an appointment.

    The Signs That You May Need Couples Therapy

    Every relationship will go through periods of struggle. However, this does not mean the relationship is doomed to fail, as many couples can work out their issues together. While this may not be the ideal situation, receiving the best couples therapist Long Island can be vital to assuage relationship tensions for long-term success. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, an expert in couples counseling, wants to share the below signs that your relationship could benefit from counseling.

    Issues Communicating

    One of the most common causes that put couples in need of premarital or marital counseling in Huntington, NY is an issue with communication. When one person feels unheard or under-appreciated, this can lead to all facets of the relationship feeling broken. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith can work to re-open the lines of communication in a safe environment, which can help combat other issues as well.

    Constant Bickering 

    Best Couples Therapist on Long Island

    Constant bickering coincides with the previously listed lack of communication. When it seems as if every conversation leads to an argument, couples counseling will help you both end this cycle. You don’t need to wait for the next big blow-up, either. Being able to see when your relationship is stuck in this rut, and seeking out counseling right away can help save the love that is still present.

    Other Signs To Look For

    Even if you and your loved one have been experiencing issues lately, it does not mean the relationship needs to end. Scheduling an appointment for marriage counseling sooner rather than later can help avoid a tailspin and save the relationship. If any of the below apply to your relationship, couples counseling may be on the horizon:

    • Intimacy issues.
    • An affair has taken place.
    • You or your partner are about to make a huge life change.
    • The same issues continue to arise or be brought up.

    Dr. Joel Kuppersmith – Best Couples Therapist on Long Island

    The decision to partake in marriage counseling can be a difficult and somewhat uncomfortable one. However, in terms of your relationship, it can be the most important one you ever make. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith has been serving the Huntington area for over 30 years and is confident he can help you too. Through the best couples therapist, Long Island has to offer, he can help you and your partner get back to the feelings of happiness you desperately want to achieve. If you’re ready to take the steps needed to save your relationship, contact us today! 

    What Should I Expect During My Marriage Counseling Session?

    Admitting you and your spouse both require marriage counseling is a vital and courageous step to take in one’s relationship. While you may feel awkward about airing your dirty laundry out to someone outside of your relationship, this process can be the kick-starter towards starting an open dialogue that will guide you towards a resolution. If you are nervous about going through the best couples therapist Long Island, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith would like to shed some light on what you can expect.

    Be Ready To Be Uncomfortable:

    During your first session of the best couples therapist Long Island has to offer, it is completely normal to feel unsure about this process. However, you should not let these feelings of uneasiness stop you from reaping the benefits that counseling can bring for you and everyone involved. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith will be able to work through any unsettled feelings present in the first session so you and your spouse can push through and hopefully start seeing results.

    Prepare For Questions:

    One of the best ways Dr. Joel Kuppersmith will be able to learn more about your relationship is by asking simple questions. Be ready for the first session to primarily consist of you and your spouse discussing a variety of topics. These questions will help our counselor better understand your relationship, as he may ask about:

    Best Couples Therapist on Long Island
    • Specific aspects of your childhood.
    • Where you and your spouse met.
    • When you and your spouse began to experience problems.
    • Goals you both are looking to achieve through the Best Couples Therapist on Long Island.

    Discussing What Brought You Here: 

    Along with the questions mentioned above, you will also be asked about the problems that led you to begin a search for counseling. Every couple’s reasoning for counseling will be different, but no reason is outside of the realm of getting to the underlying issue. Common problems experienced by most couples can include:

    • Experiencing intimacy issues.
    • Going through the same fight or disagreement over and over again.
    • Never fighting and ignoring problems that arise. 

    Setting Goals:

    Setting goals based upon your relationship is something that will also happen during your first session of the Best Couples Therapist on Long Island. It is important to remember that your relationship is always changing, so the goals in your first appointment can be drastically different than the ones set at a later date. No matter the goals, Dr. Joel Kuppermsith will help you reach them happily and healthily.

    Contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith – Best Couples Therapist on Long Island:

    For over 30 years, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith has been serving the community through his private practice. He provides the best couples therapist Long Island, so you can trust you’ll be in good hands during his sessions. If you and your spouse have decided your relationship has come to the point where marriage counseling is necessary, contact us today for assistance!

    How Marital Issues Can Affect Your Children?

    Going through marital issues is never easy for any of the parties that are involved. Working through devastating issues that may compromise your marriage can be stressful and emotionally taxing. Not only does this affect you and your partner, but your child may be having a difficult time dealing with this as well. Witnessing their parents fight and argue can have several unintended effects. If you and your partner are going through harsh times but believe there is hope to replenish the love you once shared for the sake of your children, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, the best couples therapist Long Island has to offer, can help you.

    Problems With Academic Performance And Behavior:

    Children often feel as if their world has been turned upside down after witnessing their parents go through marital issues. They may not fully understand why there is constant duress in the household or even make the assumption that this situation is their fault. Teenagers coping with their parent’s marital issues at home may harbor spiteful feelings towards one or both of their parents, thinking they must involve themselves to stop the fighting. Because of this, their academic performance and overall behavior can vastly differ from what it was prior. 

    This monumental change in their life can cause an abundance of emotions they haven’t yet learned how to manage. Sometimes, acting out in school or at home is the only form of outlet they know. The best couples therapist Long Island can help to ease the tension in your household by offering advice on how to manage the bevy of emotions that your child is experiencing.

    Their schooling can also suffer as a result of these issues at home. On its own, going to school can be a very stressful time for children, since they’re under a lot of pressure to do their best. From social anxiety to large workloads and pressure from teachers, a school can often be the last place they want to be during this difficult time. Throw on top the added stresses of a changing life after the thought of their parents potentially not being together. 

    This can be a perfect formula for dysfunction. With everything happening at home weighing your child down, their focus may not be on their education, causing grades and performance to slip. We strongly advise you to sit down with your child and discuss the importance of their school work. Remember to help them maintain an overall positive attitude. 

    Long-Term Effects that Marital Issues can Have on your Kids

    If these issues persist for a long time without resolution, your parenting will be crucial to your child’s healthy development moving forward. As they grow up, children of parents with marital issues or divorce can have difficulties developing relationships. Adults who lived in unstable homes as children are more likely to have a marriage end in divorce themselves. To combat this, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, the Best Couples Therapist on Long Island, can offer the below advice on parenting during your marriage counseling process:

    • Co-parent peacefully.
    • Don’t put your child in the middle.
    • Maintain a healthy relationship with your child.
    • Monitor adolescents closely.
    • Use consistent discipline.
    • Teach specific coping mechanisms.
    1. Joel Kuppersmith – Best Couples Therapist on Long Island:

    Though constant arguing and disagreements may just become a formality for you and your partner after a while, you may not realize the toll it can take on others living under the same roof. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, the Best Couples Therapist on Long Islandd, has over 30 years of experience with marital issues. He can help you and your spouse work through your marital issues as well as give helpful advice as to how to prevent your children from being dragged into this stressful time. If you have been experiencing marital issues with your spouse and it is beginning to affect the well-being of your children, be sure to contact Dr. Kuppersmith today can help ease your stress.

    Navigating Marriage Throughout Your Child’s College Transition

    The time has come for your child to leave the nest and head off to college. It’s not only a huge transitional point in their life but for their parent’s lives as well. Having a child go off to college, especially when it’s far from home, can leave parents feeling worried, anxious, and stressed about their well-being. It’s not uncommon to run into some marital problems when dealing with such a hard transition. If you have been facing this same issue in your own family and need the Best Couples Therapist on Long Island, contact Dr. Joel Kuppersmith. For over 30 years, Dr. Kuppersmith has been providing a wide range of psychological services, including marital guidance for those going through the college transition. Continue reading to learn more about how seeking a psychologist can help you navigate your marriage throughout this process. 

    Empty Nest Syndrome

    After years of having your entire world revolve around your children’s lives, parents can run into the problem of “Empty Nest Syndrome”. It tends to occur once that dreaded move-out day finally comes. You may begin to feel the following emotions once your child leaves for school: 

    Best Couples Therapist on Long Island
    • A loss of purpose 
    • Frustration 
    • Emotional Distress
    • Anxiety 

    Dealing with your child being gone not only affects you as an individual but can take a toll on your relationship with your partner as well. Redefining your roles in the household and having more free time for one another may sound like a couple’s dream. Well for some couples, it can be quite the opposite. This vacancy in the house can cause issues to arise and tensions to heighten, leaving you feeling alone in your marriage. If this is the case, it may be time to seek out the help of the Best Couples Therapist on Long Island.

    How to Cope 

    Luckily, there are methods to help keep your marriage afloat and even potentially come out stronger than it was before. The best couples therapist Long Island may inform you that it’s common for parents who have recently sent a child off to college to face some sort of depression. By recognizing that this is a normal part of life, it can help you and your partner understand what you are going through. Being compassionate for one another during this time is a great way to show that you are there for your partner, even through the hard times. By reconnecting and making time for each other, you can reinvigorate the sparks in your marriage. 

    How can the best couples therapist Long Island help?

    Though it may be a normal phase of life, these issues should not linger on with your partner. Empty nest syndrome does not have to be the final answer to anyone’s marriage. If you find that you are still having difficulty navigating your marriage even after your child has acclimated to school, consider seeking a psychologist for marital assistance. If you have been searching for the Best Couples Therapist on Long Island, schedule an appointment with Dr. Joel Kuppersmith. Through his wide range of services, he can help provide your marriage with the right tools and guidance it needs to get you back on track. So don’t wait, call our office today to schedule an appointment!

    Do You Need Marriage Counseling After Quarantine?

    The pandemic has undoubtedly added stress to various aspects of all of our lives. Being forced to stay at home without having a set date on when quarantine will certainly take a personal mental toll. While some couples may be able to navigate these uncharted waters without issue, others may face complications in their relationship. Fortunately, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith will be able to help. As we offer the best couples therapist Long Island, he’ll let you know if marriage counseling is right for you.

    Here are some signs you should consider marriage counseling:

    All Your Conversations Are Negative

    A loving relationship can quickly turn sour when confined to the same area for weeks and months at a time. Without having your normal outlets for stress, it’s easy to begin taking them out on one another. Going down this route can quickly turn every conversation into a negative one. If you feel like you’re unable to have peaceful conversations with your spouse after quarantine, we recommend reaching out for the best couples therapist Long Island has around with Dr. Kuppersmith.

    Changes In Intimacy 

    It is not uncommon for intimacy levels to fluctuate over a marriage. However, if the quarantine has severely affected you and your spouse’s intimacy levels, it may be hard to recover from that without professional help. Providing the best couples therapist Long Island has to offer, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith will help you and your partner work to overcome intimacy issues that are affecting your marriage.

    Other Issues After Quarantine 

    2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, to say the least. No one could have expected a quarantine, much like it impossible to predict just how this period will affect your marriage. Recognizing the issues that have arisen right away greatly increases the chance of saving your relationship. If you’re dealing with the below after quarantine, it may be time for marriage counseling:

    • The same argument keeps repeating itself.
    • You feel like you’re living a separate life from your spouse.
    • You begin to contemplate having an affair.
    • You fear to communicate with one another.

    Dr. Joel Kuppersmith – Best Couples Therapist on Long Island

    With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith, our Best Couples Therapist on Long Island, can help with an array of marital issues. None of us have experienced a quarantine of this magnitude in our lifetimes, so it was bound to bring some unknown effects when it came to marriages. If your relationship has suffered as a result of it, but you are committed to getting back to pre-quarantine levels, please contact us to schedule your first appointment for marriage counseling today.


    • Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage – You’re not spending meaningful time together. One spouse starts controlling the other. You’ve stopped fighting entirely. You’re staying in the marriage to minimize negative impacts on your family. You’re seeking support from others instead of your spouse. 
    • Exercise for Mental Health – It can distract you from intrusive negative thoughts and emotions. Exercise can take your mind off of your problems and redirect your feelings. It can decrease stress hormones. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Exercise can boost endorphins, which are your body’s natural stress and pain relievers. Exercise can improve your confidence. If you’re unhappy with your physique and want to make a change, exercise can help you tone up. This can boost your mood and confidence. 
    • The Benefits of Family Therapy – Family counseling aims to identify and address emotional, behavioral, or psychological issues in the family. When families seek out therapy, it is often because they are not able to resolve their conflict. Conflict can arise in any family, and many families are not well equipped to deal with these issues. Leaving these problems unresolved can lead to a crisis, and when your family reaches a crisis state, it can be detrimental to the family unit.
    • Can Hobbies Help With Mental Health? – Spending time on activities you enjoy doing can improve your health and wellbeing and bring forward benefits that make them worth the time they require.

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