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Dr. Joel Kuppersmith in Huntington, New York has more than 30 years of experience in private practice. Dr. Kuppersmith offers a comprehensive range of psychotherapy services to patients on Long Island including marriage counseling in Huntington, NY.

Dr. Kuppersmith’s range of services includes individual, marital & family therapy. He is a highly regarded psychologist who is referred to by physicians and mental health providers. He has presented papers to the American Psychological Association and to the Brookhaven National Laboratories.

Dr. Joel Kuppersmith is a caring and experienced therapist who has been providing psychological services and psychoanalytic therapy to the residents of Huntington, NY.  He is a distinguished adjunct professor of psychology at Adelphi University where he continues to teach about the values of individual and family counseling.

Marriage Counselor In Huntington, NY

Relationships make us human. We strive on a variety of levels for companionship and intimacy with a life partner. Inevitably, over time, conflicts arise which can intensify and interfere with the stability of the marriage. It is critical to recognize the nature and extent of these issues in order to assess whether they may continue to negatively impact the relationship. When the couple feels the need for professional assistance, couple & marital psychotherapy may be helpful.

The purpose and scope of treatment for the couple is to be determined during an initial consultation. I generally work with the couple on the relational issue which often underlies the presenting problem. This is not meant to minimize the conflict which brings the couple into treatment. I often find the couple will improve their level of relating and communicating with each other with continued couple therapy following the resolution of the presenting conflict.

Trust, in one form or another, is usually a fundamental issue when a couple enters marriage counseling or marital therapy. There may be current behaviors which contribute to these concerns or there may be less obvious relational trust issues which may exist below the surface and are largely unconscious but profoundly affects the level of relational trust. Both levels of mistrust need to be addressed in marriage counseling or couple therapy with a mental health professional.

There are marriages which may require individual psychotherapy for one or both spouses. If there is evidence of substance abuse, addiction, betrayal, or any behavior which could represent a marital rupture, I customarily refer to a colleague as it is, in my professional opinion, too complex a therapeutic task to work effectively with individuals while working with the marriage/couple unit. For couple therapy to be successful, the dyad must be treated as a separate entity. This does not by any means negate the importance of the two individuals. In fact, the exploration and enhanced awareness of the individual through personal psychotherapy will only improve the overall functioning of a fundamentally healthy relationship.

Couple and marital therapy can provide a qualitative positive change in the nature and experience of each person in the marriage. Although discord in the relationship initially brings a couple into therapy, the opportunities exist to improve the overall functioning of the marital unit.


It may be difficult to admit to yourself that your marriage is having issues. Relationships can take work required by both partners. It is common that you may go through difficult times or arguments that may be hard to overcome, but know that you are not alone. A Huntington marriage counselor, like Dr. Joel Kuppersmith can help you and your partner overcome any difficulties you may be having in order to improve your chances of success.

Signs Your Marriage Needs Assistance

Huntington Marriage Counselor marriage counselor in Huntington, NY

One difficult aspect of handling a marital issue is recognizing it. Conflicts are common is every marriage, but when it happens too often, it creates tension and unease within the relationship. Some common reasons turmoil arise in marriage are financial, responsibility-oriented, and infidelity.

Dr. Joel Kuppersmith is a Marriage Counseling In Huntington, NY that has helped many couples overcome obstacles in their marriage. Some common signs that you may need marriage counseling include:

  1. Little communication between one another. Many relationship challenges are simply a result of poor communication. Dr. Kuppersmith will help teach you new tactics to communicate with each other effectively.
  2. The communication is always negative.  Constantly arguing with one another and negative communication can cause further rifts in the relationship leaving one or both partners feeling judged, insecure, and ashamed.
  3. Keeping certain things for one another. Keeping a big secret or many secrets from your partner can be a sign of other issues including distrust.
  4. Arguing over the same minor things. You may find that there are trigger behaviors that cause regular arguments. Dr. Kuppersmith can help you uncover the psychological rationale of this trigger in order to provide practical resolutions for the future.
  5. Doing things separately. If the couple finds themselves doing more things separately than together, this may be a sign that you need marriage counseling in Huntington, NY.

How Dr. Kuppersmith Can Help Your Marriage

Often times, couples wait too long before seeking any help.  Our Huntington marriage counselor helps couples improve their level of understanding of one another through evidence-based research and strategies. Dr. Kuppersmith recognizes the nature of many relationship struggles and can provide effective ways to cope and manage the struggles they face. For more information about our marriage counseling contact us.

Are you and your spouse experiencing conflicts in your marriage? If so, Dr. Joel Kuppersmith can provide marriage counseling in Huntington, NY! Whether your marital problems stem from substance abuse, financial difficulties, betrayal, or lack of communication, marriage counseling might be what you need to repair conflicts in your marriage.

Many common marriage-related problems cause long-term tension. If you and your spouse are having issues relating to one or more of the following, marriage counseling might be what you need to make your marriage work.

  • Money
  • Children
  • Sex
  • Time apart
  • Household responsibilities
  • Friends
  • Irritating habits
  • Family
  • Expectations
  • Personality conflicts

Whatever the cause of your problems, Dr. Kuppersmith will facilitate a conversation between you and your partner to gain further insight and hopefully to change the trajectory of your marriage. Dr. Kuppersmith will use a variety of psychotherapy methods to achieve these results as well as provide advice on how to resolve them.

If your marriage woes stem from addiction, Dr. Kuppersmith can help you with that as well. Addiction comes in many forms, so if your spouse suffers from an addiction such as alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling or even an eating disorder, this can often put a significant strain on your relationship, and also be the underlying cause of many of the problems listed above. Dr. Kuppersmith is experienced with the emotional ramifications addiction can have on an environment. Recovery can be a lengthy, and often painful, for everyone involved, so be prepared to put in the effort it takes to help your spouse with any recovery issues they may have.

Whatever the underlying cause of your marriage problems, Dr. Kuppersmith is more than willing to help. As a marriage counselor in Huntington, NY for over 30 years, he has dealt with all types of couples who suffer from a variety of problems, so do not be afraid about opening up about your issues. Communication is key to a healthy marriage, and it might just be what you and your spouse need to keep your marriage going.

Marriage is a wonderful and sacred bond between two people. However, it can also put tremendous stress on a couple, whether it’s relationship problems or financial issues. Without the right tending and cultivation, many marriages cannot overcome these issues leading to divorce. In fact, in the over 2 million marriages that take place in the U.S. every year, over 800,000 of them end in divorce. While this seems like a scary possibility, it’s important to take the necessary steps to avoid the reality of a failed marriage. A great way to help your marriage get back on track is to attend marriage counseling in Huntington, NY. You may be wondering, does marriage counseling even work? Will it save your marriage?


Why You Need A Marriage Counselor In Huntington, NY

psychologist in Huntington marriage counselor in Huntington, NY

It’s important to consider the reasons why you feel your relationship has hit a snag. Some of these reasons can be attributed to:

  • No resolve – while it’s good to know why there’s disagreement or animosity between a married couple, that’s only half the battle. If both can acknowledge that there’s a problem, but they don’t know how to solve it, a marriage counselor can be a unbiased party.
  • Partners to roommates – when a couple starts to become more like roommates than partners, this situation can make communication, intimacy, and conversation a struggle.
  • Negative communication – after communication is disrupted, it’s extremely difficult to get it going back in the right direction. Negative communication can involve one partner feeling insecure and depressed which often leads to a communication breakdown.
  • Affairs – while it’s not impossible, recovering from an affair is something that takes an incredible amount of forgiveness and commitment in moving forward. If both partners are honest and dedicated to salvaging a relationship, marriage counseling in Huntington, NY will be able to make a difference.


Benefits Of Marriage Counseling In Huntington, NY

Marriage counseling in Huntington, NY can help your marriage in many ways and can have amazing results:

  • Committed growth Similar to avoiding your health or finances, ignoring a marriage can be catastrophic. When a couple is in therapy, it shows a commitment to growing their relationship and that they are devoted to making it work.
  • Realize fears – repetitive arguments and constant disagreements are often the result of each partner’s underlying fears. Whether it’s related to financial issues, parenting, or other factors, once one realizes their insecurities, a therapist will be able to help get your marriage back to where it should be.
  • Deepened connection – marriage counseling can result in open communication in a way that both partners can actually have a meaningful conversation. External factors like kids, work, and even the feeling of exhaustion after a long day, all have an effect on the relationship between a couple. A marriage counselor will be able to give a couple a chance to open up and connect with one another in uninterrupted environment.
  • Learn to move on from the past – following counseling, couples can feel as if they’re experiencing something new. With going about new habits on how to communicate and listen to one another, a couple will be able to start a better, happier journey together.

While a failing marriage may seem impossible to surmount, marriage counseling in Huntington, NY can be the saving grace in your relationship. Dr. Joel Kuppersmith is devoted to helping your marriage today and is willing to work you and your spouse through anything.

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Clinical Psychologist And Marriage Counselor in Huntington, New York

Dr. Joel Kuppersmith is a licensed psychologist who has been in private practice for the past 30 years providing marriage counseling in Huntington, NY His office is conveniently located at 177 Main Street in Huntington.


He is also a psychoanalyst, having received his post-doctoral certificate in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis at the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Adelphi University. He earned his doctoral degree in Psychology at the University of Mississippi, which was followed by a post-doctoral internship offered jointly by Downstate Medical Center and South Beach Psychiatric in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Early Career

Following the completion of his academic and licensing credentials, Dr. Kuppersmith began an 11-year career working for the New York State Department of Mental Health at Kings Park Psychiatric Center. As a staff psychologist, he worked in both inpatient and outpatient services. He worked closely with psychiatrists in coordinating psychological treatment and formulating individual treatment plans.

Teaching Experience

Dr. Kuppersmith served as chairperson of the ethics committee for the Psychology Department at Kings Park Psychiatric Center. He is currently an adjunct professor of Psychology in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Adelphi University. He was also an adjunct professor at Hofstra University.

Private Practice

For the past 30 years, Dr. Kuppersmith has treated a variety of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, adult children of alcoholics, insomnia, and marital/couple and family conflict. Recent developments in the theory and treatment applications in these areas have shown clinically improved outcomes. In addition, he also provides marriage counseling in Huntington, NY.